Rob Gronkowski Reveals Whether NFL Teams Have Reached Out To Him

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    Rob Gronkowski has been enjoying his time away from the NFL.

    However, a tweet by him had some people feeling he was thinking about a comeback to the NFL.

    In an interview on Up & Adams, Gronkowski gave his answer about if NFL teams were seeking him out.


    Gronkowski Admits How Many NFL Teams Have Contacted Him

    With his tweet of “I’m kinda bored,” the star tight end had two NFL teams reach out to him.

    .@RobGronkowski confirms two teams reached out to him after he tweeted: “I’m kinda bored.”

    : @FanDuelTV | @heykayadams

    — Up & Adams (@UpAndAdamsShow) December 22, 2022

    While he never reveals which two teams contacted him, he makes it clear how he’s not making an NFL return.

    He instead reveals how he now has a deal with FanDuel, an online gambling company.

    With everything looking up for him, he has no desire to return to the NFL.


    Gronk Quitting While He’s Ahead

    Gronkowski is keeping the NFL in his rear-view mirror with an amazing career.

    His 9,286 receiving yards (sixth all-time), 92 touchdowns (third all-time) and 64.9 average yards per game (second all-time) put him among many great NFL tight ends.

    With him having his name in the NFL record books, he’s quitting while ahead in the NFL.

    Unlike former teammate Tom Brady, Gronk is staying retired.

    To him, he’s done all he needs to as one of the greatest tight ends in the NFL.

    He doesn’t need another division title or Super Bowl trophy.

    With his health being his most important focus, he’s fine with staying off the NFL field.

    While Brady might need him in Tampa Bay, he won’t get that help from Gronk ever again.

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