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Fire and Rescue NSW team give water to a koala as they rescue it from fire in Jacky Bulbin Flat, New South Wales, Australia. (Photo courtesy of PAUL SUDMALS/via REUTERS)

Rocket Power is an initiative pioneered by Rocket Sports Media designed to mobilize hockey fans to support charitable organizations and to get involved in their communities. We are proud to help raise awareness about issues that are affecting our network of hockey fans across the globe.

ROCKET SPORTS MEDIA — As you may have seen on the news, Australia is currently being ravaged by the worst bushfires seen in decades. Twenty-eight people have died thus far in the flames and in the state of New South Wales, over 2000 homes are estimated to have been destroyed. It is also estimated that over one billion animals, not counting insects or bats, have died as a result of these terrible wildfires.

Now, you may be wondering what a post like this is doing on All Habs. At Rocket Sports Media, we care deeply about the environmental impact of these wildfires. Our readership is global. We interact with hockey fans from this part of the world regularly.

With guidance from our extended Rocket Sports family in Australia and New Zealand, we have decided to focus on the impact that the fires have had on Australia’s wildlife. As such, we have decided as an organization to show our support to one of the many organizations working to help animals affected by the bushfires.

The Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital is a not-for-profit organization that opened in 2014 and is made up of professionals and volunteers who are dedicated to saving the lives of injured wildlife. Their goal with each rescue is rehabilitation and release back into the wild if possible.

Their services include the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wild animals, education and awareness, and research and development. As an organization that operates on and relies upon the kindness of strangers, it is imperative that they have funds to be able to continue the great work they are doing. That is where Rocket Sports Media and the All Habs Hockey Magazine audience comes in.

The Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital needs our help to keep going and keep saving animals that have been affected by the bushfires. That is why we are asking for your help.

Below, you will find two links to donate to the AKWH, one through Facebook and one through the AKWH website. Please consider donating if possible; any little bit helps. And if you cannot, please consider sharing this article and spreading awareness so that we can reach as many people as possible. All proceeds raised through both Facebook and the AKWH website go directly to the organization in question. Thank you for your support.

Through Facebook –  Rocket Sports Media Cares: The Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital
Through the AKWH Website – Adelaide Koala and Wildlife Hospital

By Cate Racher, Hockey History Researcher.
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