Stoke fans fall over each other whilst trying to push stewards to get to Rotherham end

    Footage has emerged showing Stoke fans fall over each other whilst trying to push past stewards to get to the Rotherham end on Boxing Day.

    It was a packed out away following, but some bizarre scenes played out during the Championship clash, with a two males seen trying to get into the family section, only to fail miserably.

    As a large group of Stoke fans attempted to get at the Rotherham supporters, one fan falls over, before getting up and takes to goading… only he couldn’t even do that properly, lasting just a few seconds before he and another lad end up falling on top of each other down a few rows of seats as can be seen in the video below.

    stoke fans falling over each other whilst trying to get to our fans

    — cal 🫡 (@rufc__cal) December 26, 2022

    fuckin unreal

    — cal 🫡 (@rufc__cal) December 26, 2022

    The game itself saw Stoke come back from going behind twice at the New York Stadium to extend Rotherham’s winless run to four games.

    The hosts went ahead just before the break after Wes Harding saw his effort deflected in off Stoke midfielder Jordan Thompson.

    Tyrese Campbell levelled the scoreline in the 61st minute, taking advantage of Richard Wood’s messy back-pass, which allowed Campbell to run on clear and put the ball past Johansson at the second attempt for his second goal in three games.

    Substitute Conor Washington put Rotherham back in front with just under 20 minutes left on the clock, a diving header from Chiedozie Ogbene’s cross at the far post.

    But once again Stoke fought back, pushing for a goal, and got it, but thanks to Rotherham’s Lee Peltier who headed into his own net 10 minutes from time.

    Rotherham United boss Matt Taylor: “Obviously, the goals are slightly disappointing and we needed to hold onto the lead for a little bit longer. At times we lacked quality like we sometimes do, but the effort was certainly there and the endeavour.

    “It was a match up game and we went toe-to-toe with a good opposition. Our only frustration are the two goals against.

    “We felt as though we had a platform at the top of the pitch and I was a little bit worried when Tom got booked so early, but it provided a good enough platform and we had Chieo’s pace and legs constantly on the opposition.

    “Conor was brave when we came on, although we didn’t create much through the middle. I have to be honest in relation to that. Our midfielders never really drove through apart from a couple of fleeting moments in that first half and then you are just looking at who can make the difference in the biggest moments of the game.

    “Mistakes happen on a football pitch, but we have to work so hard to score against the opposition and keep ourselves up the pitch. I was genuinely pleased with our shape and structure, but the biggest pleasing aspect is that the way the players went out again.

    “I’d rather concede that type of goal than the goals that we conceded in the last couple of games sounds strange because you don’t like any goal against, but they are as honest mistakes as you come in terms of two honest pros as well. You can quickly forgive and forget those moments. Sometimes they go against you and it’s a shame that both happened on the same day.”

    Stoke boss Alex Neil said: “I thought we deserved to win. I thought we were the better side, I thought we opened the pitch up and created some good opportunities to score. I just had a brief look at the stats and they had one shot on target and scored two goals.

    “I thought in the first half we could have been two or 3-0 up and then they score. It’s a bit of a killer blow really in that they didn’t deserve it.

    “But what I was speaking about at half-time was the body language at that point. We need to kick on. You can’t feel sorry for yourself if they score, you need to go on and do the next bit.

    “I thought our response in the second half was good. I thought we started the second half really well, we created some good chances and scored the goal. Then I think the disappointment was that we didn’t kick on again from the goal, nothing changed.

    “We were still on top of the game but it became scrappy for five or six minutes and then they get down the side, put one ball across the box and score and then we’ve got it all to do again. Then we do do it again, then we still have another couple of chances.

    “We had Jacob’s header at the end, we had one when Tymon flashed it across and Jacob nearly got on the end of it. I thought we had good moments in the game. There was one when Lewis Baker lands on it at the edge of the box and tries to come inside and get a shot away.

    “We’ll play worse than that and win. The disappointing thing is that I thought we played well enough to win the game today and the difference between us competing at the top end of the table or at the bottom of the table is being ruthless when we’re playing well. That’s the biggest difference and that’s our next step.

    “What we have shown over the last three games, and it’s been questioned a lot, is resilience. That’s us now, three games, coming back every time. We’ve never given up and we’ve not lost the game. That’s a positive. We need to be more ruthless, that’s the next step.”

    This is wha social media users said on footage showing Stoke fans fall over each other whilst trying to push stewards to get to the Rotherham end…

    @tylerRaf8: Your fans were giving it all game then all of a sudden didn’t want to know. Funny that.

    @rufc__cal: family stand full of 14 year olds rattling you wowza

    @sufcben: Fantastic guy in brown coat is gonna have a sore head in morning

    @jhaddon6times: Grown men , absolutely pathetic

    @PaulLister15: Thank goodness for the invisible wall that separates fans during flare ups these days. Remember the dark days before the wall was invented & actual fighting happened? So much safer these days & I think that the wall probably deserves most of the credit for this.

    @LewisRhys: Imagine getting rattled by family stand then stacking it

    @MarkHagin1: Lad in brown had a tough day

    @perryrob13: Broken neck….with a bit of luck

    @CfcCrookes: Not the stands you want to fall down either at Rotherham. I’ve been up less steep hills in the Peak District than how steep their stand is

    @Ceejay953: Christmas Sherry man, dangerous stuff!

    @SparkyShaz_: What in the WWE was happening there at the end

    @goults40: He gets dragged down by one of his own fans they stated throwing coins after that, must have been a whip round for him

    @mikedoney: Lad in brown absolute stinker

    @thomasutr_: same bloke goes twice

    @mattkenyon001: They really are the gift that keeps on giving

    @SamboBarker: Lad in the brown jacket’s had a shocker

    @MSwift94: Fantastic visual metaphor for the club since 2016 here

    @roryutfr: Alexa. Play the You’ve Been Framed Soundtrack.

    @GeorgeLW96: Utterly stupid grown men. Pathetic.

    @scfcleo: why are we like this

    @TiltonLad: It’s time to knock it on the head. you’re getting too old for this shit

    @joe04johnson: Stoke city trying to get to family stand #rufc #scfc

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