The 10 best fights that could be made in 2020

AS we enter the new year, it’s time to look at the biggest and best fights that 2020 can offer us. Some of these remain pipe dreams, others are very likely to be confirmed at some point, but none are yet officially in the diary. For instance Deontay Wilder’s rematch with Tyson Fury isn’t included because both sides have confirmed it’s happening on February 22.

1. Anthony Joshua vs Deontay Wilder
Quite simply the biggest fight in the sport. Joshua holds three world heavyweight titles to Wilder’s one – the winner would be the undisputed champion of the world, and we would once again have a definitive division leader. Stylistically, it’s a dream fight. In Wilder, we have the sport’s most dangerous puncher and in Joshua, arguably the sport’s best finisher. Both have shown plenty of vulnerabilities, and a clash between them would undoubtedly result in blood and thunder. It’s a fight that would easily transcend the sport’s usual boundaries and launch itself into the wider public consciousness; that rare sort of fight that can have a real, long-lasting impact on the sport as a whole.

These two have been circling each other for years – ever since Joshua picked up the IBF title in 2016 – and while there have been talks between both sides, nothing has come to fruition. Significant broadcasting and political issues would need to be resolved – based off past negotiations, this won’t happen anytime soon, particularly as Wilder looks set for another two fights with Tyson Fury. Stranger things have happened, though. We’re in the midst of an excellent heavyweight era, but for it to truly go down in history as one of the best, Joshua has to get involved with Wilder and Fury.

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