The fiasco of Brazil, Thiago Silva does not digest!

    Thiago Silva published a long statement on Friday on instagram. The central defender of Brazil still keeps the elimination of the Seleçao in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup in mind.

    The evil remains. This Friday, Thiago Silva posted on instagram a press release in which the central defender of Chelsea showed his state of mind, after the elimination of Brazil against Croatia in the quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup (1-1, 4-2 tab). The least we can say is that the 38-year-old – very marked by the premature exit of Selaçao – has still not digested the fiasco of the five-time world champions, considered the big favorites for the coronation and eliminated by Luka Modric’s partners after a crazy scenario, while qualification seemed in the pocket after Neymar’s goal.

    “My heart is bleeding”

    “I have no idea how many times I have thought and tried to write something about what we are going through in this World Cup, I admit that the elimination suffered and the way it happened past is still very difficult to accept and understand (…) We are facing and we will face I don’t know how long, a healing that is very difficult to achieve. From the interviews after the game against Croatia to this day, my heart is bleeding, but after a few days I am convinced that we have done a decent and committed job. All of us, players, coaches and staff. Maybe I’m not allowed to cry for long, because even in my sweetest childhood dreams I never thought I’d get here, play four World Cups, have the gift of carrying and defending the heaviest jersey in the world. I can’t imagine more pride than that in my profession. I say, it is and will always be my greatest pride!”

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