The Lakers Are Contemplating Their Trade Options Again

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    Sunday’s Christmas Day loss to the Dallas Mavericks was just the latest disappointment for the Los Angeles Lakers this season.

    The team, which is currently 13th in the West with a 13-20 record, feels so far away from the playoffs and even a winning regular season at this point.

    Once again, things look dire for the Lakers.

    And, once again, fans are hoping that something happens to change their fate.

    The #Lakers front office are still weighing their options on whether to make a trade or not as they don’t want to “compound its previous mistakes with more win-now moves.”

    (per @jovanbuha)

    — Digits Hoops (,) (@Digits3Hoops) December 26, 2022

    This desire was made even stronger recently when Anthony Davis suffered another injury and the team faced the prospect of losing him for literally months.

    However, the loss of Davis doesn’t mean the front office in LA will start making moves to fill the massive void left by him.

    Jovan Buha is reporting that the Lakers are still weighing their options related to any possible trades.

    The front office doesn’t want to “compound its previous mistakes with more win-now moves.”

    This means that the Lakers might not change at all this season and the rest of this year could be a lost cause, even with LeBron James playing so well.


    Throwing In The Towel

    The Lakers could make some minor trades even if they elect to not pursue “win-now moves.”

    But those trades wouldn’t result in a postseason run and by sitting pat and not making big moves, the Lakers would be admitting that 2022-23 is a lost cause.

    Why would they try to package up their first-round draft picks and other players for anyone else in the NBA if Davis is out?

    If Davis is gone for a long time, LA’s chances will only diminish and it would make sense to not rush into any sort of trade.

    Instead, they would wait for the summer, see how free agency and the offseason look and go from there.

    That would hurt Lakers fans for the immediate future – but could make them happy in the long run.

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