The Scoop on Specialty Brunch

The Scoop on Specialty Brunch

WEEKEND BRUNCH IS A FUN WAY FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS TO RECONNECT. It also provides retailers with an opportunity to offer foods appropriate for this hybrid meal. While this usually implies unthreatening fare with a sense of comfort, familiarity need not be boring.

By Joanna Pruess

Consider a basic hash. Rather than corned beef or leftover roast beef, an updated version can be made with shredded or minced turkey, chicken or even fish, like halibut or tuna, along with the onions and potatoes.

Another brunch option begins with America’s favorite food—pizza. Like most versions, Huevos Rancheros Pizza starts with a crust. It is then layered with late morning-style fare: Anaheim chilies, scrambled eggs, Mexican chorizo, Cheddar cheese and salsa. Fruit salads are always welcome. A simple mixture of three green fruits—honeydew, kiwi and green grapes—is elevated to ethereal status by the addition of jasmine tea and lime juice along with fresh mint.

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