As I’m working on my pre-season top 100 hitters column each week I sometimes like to ask my friends for their thoughts as a barometer for who I might be too high or too low on. As a fun experiment I start with my #1 and #2 ranked players and whoever they voted was better was locked into their ranking — and whoever lost would face the next ranked player. For example: “Mike Trout or Mookie Betts?” Unanimously Trout. “Betts or Jose Ramirez?” 4 votes Betts, 1 for Ramirez. “Ramirez or Francisco Lindor?” 4 for Lindor, again — 1 for Ramirez. For the most part players rarely lasted more than 2-3 match-ups before they won and were given their consensus ranking. However, there was one player who lasted 8 match-ups (meaning an 8 ranking difference between my top 100 and the group consensus top 100) and that man was…

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