Video goes viral showing non league player getting sent off for ‘headbutt to the b****cks’

    A video goes viral overnight showing a non league player getting sent off for a ‘headbutt to the b****cks’, yep, cue the puns.

    League leaders Pilkington played host to mid-table outfit Bacup Borough in the North West Counties Division One North.

    However, there was a rather unusual moment with footage of it going on to get over 100,000 views this week, little did the user who posted the video know it would get such widespread attention.

    Bacup were reduced to 10 men just 21 minutes on the clock, we’ll leave you to judge whether it was deserved or not…

    A straight red for @BacupBoro in tonight’s @nwcfl clash away at @Pilkingtonfc .

    — Grassroots Goals Liverpool (@MOTJGOALS) December 21, 2022

    There was a goal for Bacup that ended up getting disallowed…

    The Ref disallows a goal for @BacupBoro for a push in last night’s @nwcfl clash against @Pilkingtonfc .

    — Grassroots Goals Liverpool (@MOTJGOALS) December 22, 2022

    @MOTJGOALS wrote: “Of course it’s a game of opinions but what chance have Ref’s got if people are questioning this decision when it’s there on video for all to see (slow-mo n all). Not only that, the lad’s minimal reaction to gettin the red says a lot.”

    20 minutes into the second half and we had a breakthrough, a goal for Bacup from a corner, the striker was allowed to turn in the box and sent the ball in the bottom corner.

    Then came a 92nd minute leveller before a 97th minute winner for Pilkington, who are four points clear of second place Chadderton.

    Pilkington in the league this season have played 13, won 11, drew 1, lost 1, scored 37, conceded 9, giving them a +28 goal difference and 34 points.

    The goals and near misses from @Pilkingtonfc v @BacupBoro #NonLeague #groundhopping FT 2:1

    — M O T O H P P E R (@kc_mcqueen) December 22, 2022

    As mentioned, a video goes viral showing a non league player getting sent off for a ‘headbutt to the b****cks’, this is what Twitter users said…

    @DarrenTurley5: Absolutely bollocks decision that!

    @StevenBMedia: Fell down like an extra in platoon. The referee was naive and played like a fiddle

    @caulfieldmp: Pathetic play acting even at that level

    @wavertreeblue: Anyone suggesting anything other than this referee doing a fantastic job needs to have a word with themselves.

    @BeddallStuart: What on earth is the fella in green doing rolling around like that??!! Embarrassing

    @YouYeltz: Was “balls to face” rather than a deliberate faceball

    @greenall_harry: Won the balls

    @MarkMt1878: This referee was spot on in the key incidents I have seen, specifically the disallowed goal for a push and the red card for violent conduct. Well played referee

    @Rusty14Xavi: The strangest red card you will see for a while

    @stabvictim1981: Only tried to give him a gobble

    @Parksy2410: that’s just nuts

    @Nick_Harris16_: muppet in green ffs embarrassing

    @Allanwild: But he got the ball

    @_DerekDuvall: Oh it sums it up really doesn’t it… pathetic club pathetic players. Never liked them, rotten to the core. What an abysmal challenge and then having the audacity to try and chew on a lads pork sword. GET THEM OUT!

    @noddyboy46: Give the player a Oscar omg get up what a melt

    @TomKirby2709: To be honest – a joke roll by player in green .. no card .

    @benleech7: Did you get sent off for nutting him in the gonads!!

    @Ianjones143: The player in green made it easy for the ref to show him the card… blatant butt in the nuts. Cheerio

    @ShaunTurkington: Head butt in your meat & two veg definitely red card

    @gazwager5: Being at the game last night, I think the only issue the players had with the decision is that 60 seconds earlier he’d only booked the opposite player for an almost identical incident. The sheer lack of consistency is why the players questioned the decision.

    @PaulEllis_8: How he’s gone down doesn’t change the decision, violent conduct is violent conduct no matter how hard you hit people or even if you don’t hit them at all the decision is spot on, the Referee can’t do anything about players acting like they’ve been shot!

    @MarkMt1878: Clear red card mate all day. Whether he butted him hard or not it was violent conduct and he walks, end of.

    @WPacey_89: How the player reacts is irrelevant, the other lad still headbutted him in the nackers. Clear red.

    — Rich (@richiemerrett) December 22, 2022

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