World champions: Karsten Warholm

Our series with reigning world champions continues as the 400m hurdles star tells Stuart Weir about a night of gold medals and big celebrations

What do you remember about the World Championships in London in 2017?

I don’t remember a lot actually but it is probably the best and strongest memory that I have because the race meant a lot to me.

I was world champion – and that was huge – but at the same time I don’t remember anything from the race or what went on after that!

But it was a great experience for me, so it means a lot.

What happened afterwards was that you put on a Viking helmet and amused the crowd!

That would be a mix between adrenaline and that I was really happy to win! As I said I don’t remember much because it was just pure joy.

How has being world champion changed your life?

It has done a lot for my career. I have very good opportunities now and people are very interested in what I do, which is also a huge motivation. So the world championship was very good for me.

How are you planning toward retaining your title in Doha?

Just the same as I did in London. I just have to run and try to be at the top level.

It is tougher because it’s late but at the same time I will do everything in my power to try to do a really good race.

First, I have to come to the final and then we will see. But anything can happen in a final.

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